Accelerating digital transformation

The future of retail is moving towards frictionless and retailers must be ready to 

respond more quickly to the changing needs of associates, customers, 

and the solutions that create seamless, more frictionless retail 

experiences. With unified commerce platforms you can better 

engage customers, improve productivity, and create 

sustainable growth.

Toshiba Elera Commerce Platform

The Elera Commerce Platform offers an evolutionary approach, enabling speed of integration and digitally enriched shopping experiences along the way while accelerating convenience.

High-Volume Retail

With the everchanging retail environment, retailers must accelerate innovation and commerce solutions to enrich shopping experiences. The ELERA commerce platform makes retailers agile so they can control and scale the evolution of their infrastructure.


Knowing the importance of keeping operating expenses low and protecting the infrastructure in place to successfully run a retail business it's important to keep operating expenses low and protect your current infrastructure. The ELERA Commerce Platform gives Specialty retailers the ability to protect their investment leveraging existing hardware and software to deploy new use cases and improve total cost of ownership.


Having an extensive footprint with multiple locations, the Hospitality industry needs more than just a one-size fits all approach. ELERA Commerce Platform enables retailers to stay ahead of the everchanging retail landscape, allowing 

independent, autonomous, deployment of features that enhance the customer experience.

Delivery and Management of the Total Solution

Toshiba Managed Services act as extension of your team to fully integrate, deploy, and manage your retail POS solutions in store. 

  • Total deployment services and customized solutions help you build a better store experience
  • Simplify your path to digital transformation by optimizing daily operations and rely on Toshiba to get your solution up and running quickly
  • Project Management Services that provide you with a single point of contact for your multi-vendor environment

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