At Toshiba, our purpose is to create opportunities that make the retail journey you want a reality. That’s driven by our passion to give you expert guidance and solutions you need to choose your direction, navigate obstacles, and accelerate forward to reimagine how you engage your customers so you can prosper in a digital world.

Choose your direction and accelerate your retail

Find out how Toshiba can help prepare you for what's next by implementing intelligent technology, streamlining operations, and creating engaging experiences for today and for the future.

Unifying physical & digital 

with Commerce Platforms

POS Solutions 

Designed for You

Front-End Transformation 

with Self-Service

Accelerating Retail with what's new from ELERA

As shopper expectations evolve, your technology must keep up to deliver the new experiences they are looking for. The ELERA Commerce Platform is unifying physical and digital shopping experiences by delivering 

new microservices, devices, and insights that enable you to 

accelerate your retail like you've never been able to before.

How have we accelerated retail? Hear from our customers.

Every retailer faces a common challenge each day: the need to innovate as quickly as their shoppers’ preferences change. Wherever your journey has taken you, your goal is to deliver the most engaging shopping experiences and ensure you can easily adapt quickly to changes in the future. 

Find out how we listened to our customers' purposes and made their retail visions a reality.

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